Bulka Bags vs Skips

If you’re removing a large amount of waste, chances are you’re thinking about hiring a skip. Whether that be office waste, construction waste or domestic rubbish, it’s not a bad idea.


However, bulka bags (or skip bags) present a much more dynamic and user-friendly option.


Bulka bags, now offered by Sydney City Rubbish, are an extremely useful waste removal option, for all kinds of rubbish.


For instance, bulka bags can be used in offices, on construction sites, in backyards and are great for hard to reach places.


There are a number of benefits to using bulka bags, which gives them an edge over skips in many situations.


Bulka Bags are Versatile


It’s much easier to move your bulka bags around as you fill them with waste. If you’re using a skip, this simply isn’t possible.


For instance, if you’re using a bulka bag for a general garden clean up, you can easily drag it to various parts of the yard.


Therefore, you’ll be able to fill it with waste at various points, instead of having to carry the waste to one central point yourself.


Whilst skips are hardier than bulka bags, the latter are tough, durable and reusable. Therefore, they can hold virtually any kind of waste that a skip can.


Bulka Bags are Cheaper


Bulka bags present a more affordable option than steel skips.


With that in mind, you (or your business) can save money on waste removal by choosing bulka bags over skips.


Moreover, a saving for your business on waste removal means you have more money to spend on other, more important aspects of your organisation.


Bulka Bags are Easily Delivered


Bulka bags are delivered in flat pack form, taking up little space.


Furthermore, they don’t need to be dropped off by a crane truck, as skips do. This means that they can be delivered in bulk (forgive the pun) and stored, for later use.




To discuss hiring or picking up bulka bags, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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