Building Strip-Out: This is Why You Need the Pros to Remove the Tiles in Your Bathroom

tile removal

If you’re completing a building strip-out or demolition, you’ll probably need to deal with the bathroom at some point.

Fixtures and fittings in the bathroom can be fiddly to deal with. But one of the most awkward parts of a bathroom strip-out is removing tiles.

This is one activity that’s fraught with all kinds of risk, including injuries, lost time and unwanted damage to walls.

Therefore, you simply must hire the professionals to remove the tiles in your bathroom. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re the best in the business.

Here’s why you should hire us.

Health and Safety

All building strip-out and demolition projects contain some kind of risk.

This is just the nature of using tools, as well as lifting heavy items and working on a construction site of sorts.

When it comes to removing tiles in your bathroom, there is even more added risk to consider.

Tiles often break off into sharp shards if they aren’t removed from the walls or floors properly. That creates a serious risk in terms of cuts and lacerations.

As well as that, tile chips can be a risk to the eyes and can cause all sorts of damage, including loss of sight.

Thankfully, at Sydney City Rubbish, our highly trained staff take every measure possible to make the process of removing tiles as safe as possible.

Our staff are equipped with the best PPE, including gloves, heavy duty clothing, eye protection and boots.

With unrivalled expertise, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in safe hands when you hire Sydney City Rubbish for your tile removal project.

Efficient Practices

Efficiency is so important when it comes to a building demolition or strip-out project.

Due to our well-practiced methods and cutting-edge tools, you can be sure that we’ll complete your demolition and tile removal project swiftly.

When you hire us, you can use that extra time for other important tasks.

Waste Removal

We’ll not only remove your tiles efficiently, but we’ll also handle your waste in the most sustainable and professional manner.

This is such an important part of any demolition or strip-out project in Sydney. Thankfully, it’s what we specialise in.

Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your tile and demolition waste is being dealt with properly.

To discuss your building strip-out or demolition project, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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