Bathroom Demolition – Cut Your Costs

The first step in any bathroom renovation is the demolition.

Stripping everything out to start afresh is exciting, but it can become an expensive process if you’re not careful.

For example, contractors, tool hire, disposing of materials and contingency for any damage caused can all add up to a hefty sum.

Therefore, we’ve put together some tips to help you cut your bathroom demolition costs.

Do It Yourself

There’s nothing like a DIY job to keep you occupied.

If your bathroom is small, and you’ve got the gear and the know-how, you may be able to take care of your bathroom demolition yourself – this approach can save you some money.

Of course, this approach can be dangerous to you and your home – you need to know exactly where the plumbing and electrical is to avoid a nasty accident.

As well as that, when using tools and working in such an environment, you must practice safe operation at all time.

If you’ve considered all this and feel prepared, go for it.

Reuse Materials

There are a number of materials that you can take out of your bathroom and reuse – if you remove them properly, without damage.

For instance, fixtures, tiles, and basins and bathtubs can all be used again.

You can refinish fixtures, and your bathtub and basin if required, which means you don’t have to pay extortionate amounts for a new bathroom.

Get Some Help

Have your friends come over, especially if they’ve demolished their own bathroom. They can give you advice and if you can convince them, help you out with the strip out itself.

A bathroom demolition can be such a time-consuming process, taking up your nights and weekends if you’re not careful.

Therefore, having some help in the form of friends, or choosing to contract a professional, can save you an immense amount of time and money.

Hire a Professional

We know this contradicts the first point, but in many cases, it’s actually more cost-effective to hire a professional strip out company to take care of your bathroom.

A bathroom demolition can be a stressful and expensive process if it’s not done efficiently.  Unnecessary damage and hiring required equipment can become pricey.

A professional strip out company like Sydney City Rubbish provide a comprehensive service, and will ensure that your strip out is carried out in accordance with sustainable practices.

Furthermore, it’s possible that there will be some hazardous materials present in your bathroom, such as asbestos.

This is where it’s imperative that you have a professional rubbish removal company handle such materials.

Sydney City Rubbish are experienced in all facets of bathroom demolition, and will dispose of your waste responsibly. We’ll reuse and recycle everything possible.

Get in contact with us here to discuss your bathroom demolition needs.

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