A Guide to Structural Demolition

At Sydney City Rubbish not only offer strip outs, but we also perform structural demolitions.


Structural demolition can occur when building owners would like to alter the layout of their premises. For instance, removing walls, floors or roofs.


However, we do not undertake total demolition of buildings.


A rigorous process is implemented when carrying out a structural demolition. Without it, the project may run into some hurdles.


Here are some steps that need to be taken during a structural demolition.




First of all, qualified surveyors will need to conduct a thorough assessment of the building.


This will include a safety assessment, as well as an analysis of important aspects of the building such as load bearing walls.


Most importantly, a surveyor will help to identify hazardous materials, like asbestos. This is imperative, for the safety of workers and future occupants of the building.




Every demolition job needs to have an in-depth plan.


Once you have the information from the surveyor, you can accurately plan the rest of the process. Being as informed as possible before starting is so important.


For instance, it creates a safer process. It also makes the demolition itself more efficient, ideally avoiding any delays.


Thirdly, it will help to remove the risk of mistakes. When everyone is well informed and on the same page, mistakes are more easily avoided.


And if the demolition happens faster, without any hiccups, it often means a financial saving for your business.


Remove Hazardous Materials


The next step is to safely remove any hazardous materials.


An experienced demolition contractor with the correct licenses will deal with materials like asbestos, high-intensity discharge light bulbs and surfaces that may contain lead paint.


By doing this before the rest of the demolition process, we are prioritising the safety of the demolition workers.


Walls, Roof, Floors


Once the building has been surveyed, a plan formed and hazardous materials removed, the bigger stuff is tackled.


A structural demolition will likely involve some removal or alteration to walls. Sydney City Rubbish can do this with the utmost professionalism, efficiency and expertise.


Alterations may also be required for the roof or the floors of the structure. Thankfully, we’re also well versed in this kind of demolition.


We have all the know-how, tools and personnel to complete any structural demolition.




To discuss your structural demolition needs, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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