A Case Study: Food Waste Removal from a Large Event

Client: A Large Financial Administration Company
Event: Company Christmas Party

Scope of work:

– Removing all associated waste, including food waste.
– Post-event cleaning.

Sydney City Rubbish was engaged by a large financial administration company to handle the waste removal process after their Christmas party. The party involved more than two thousand guests, all of who ate and drank throughout the night. There were canapes, entrees, main courses, and dessert served at the party… which becomes a very large amount of food waste!

The waste was separated into compostable waste by the staff at the Christmas party. This was pre-planned, to create a more environmentally friendly service. This compostable waste was handled by a third party, while Sydney City Rubbish got down to the business of removing bags, bags… and more bags of food waste from the venue.

Our team handled the waste with ease, removing the bags quickly and loading our trucks. This allowed the kitchen staff to work more efficiently, as there were no bags of waste impeding their access at the back of the kitchen area. We then took the waste to a processing facility nearby. This saved the organisers of the event plenty of time and hassle.

Once the event was finished, our sister company, Sydney Sweep and Scrub, was brought in to clean the area. The event space consisted of concrete floors, so mechanical sweeping and scrubbing was the obvious solution. Sweep and Scrub utilised their ride-on cleaning vehicles to great effect, leaving the space gleaming in a short amount of time.

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