6 Tips on Making Sydney Office Junk Removal Safe

Dealing with the junk in your office can cause all sorts of headaches. It can take a long time, create plenty of logistical problems, and cost you an arm and a leg. But most importantly, office junk removal can be hazardous. Whether it’s you and your employees removing junk (which we strongly advise against!) or a contractor, safety is critical at every step.

There are plenty of hazards present during office junk removal projects. The most common risk is usually muscle strain from heavy lifting. This usually occurs when someone lifts a heavy item, but use poor technique. As a result, they damage muscles and ligaments, usually in the back and neck.

Trip and fall incidents are also very common, such as when someone lifts a heavy item and trips on another item that was in their way. They might then fall over and sprain a joint, or even break a bone. In severe cases, some people even receive head injuries which can be very serious.

There is a range of other risk factors to consider with office junk removal, which we discuss in some other articles in our rubbish removal blog. The bottom line though is that safety is essential. At Sydney City Rubbish, we know exactly how to handle every kind of office junk safely, ensuring everyone involved is protected at all times.

Hire the experts

The safest way to handle office junk removal is to hire experts. At Sydney City Rubbish, office junk removal is our speciality. We’ve helped businesses all over Sydney clear out office junk, removing it safely and applying all of our expertise to ensure a smooth operation. We can perform office junk removal quickly, making sure that you experience as little disruption as possible.

Our workers are trained in the safest rubbish removal practices, from removing pieces from your office, all the way to taking them to a certified recycling facility. This means that the likelihood of an incident occurring is greatly reduced, and your people will be safe from harm at all times.

Use the right PPE

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is incredibly important for rubbish removal operations. This equipment helps to protect the people removing the rubbish from a wide range of hazards, minimising the risk of injury as much as possible.

Common PPE that our professionals use during a rubbish removal operation includes:

– Heavy-duty, steel-capped boots
– Durable clothing that does not rip
– Gloves
– Eye protection
– Hard hats.

There are many more items that our workers use regularly, depending on the environment in your workplace. We always use the latest, most efficient PPE available, and ensure that items are maintained at all times. That means our people are much safer throughout the entire rubbish removal process.

Training always

Regular training is absolutely essential when dealing with heavy lifting and other hazards in the workplace. It’s this training that will further minimise the chance of injury occurring during the rubbish removal project, and keep people safe throughout.

Our junk removal experts undergo regular training to ensure that they are up to date with the latest safe practices, know how to use new equipment and PPE, and are fully aware of any changes to the job.


Planning is essential for any office junk removal in Sydney. Before we begin a job, we’ll do a walk-through, assessing the space and the junk that needs to be removed. Then, we’ll form a dynamic plan of attack, ensuring we are ready to alter that plan at any given moment. This plan allows us to complete the project quickly and most importantly, safely.

When we formulate our plan, we’ll take into account your space and the layout of your office, to locate the most efficient route. We’ll also assess the route for potential hazards and make sure there is nothing that could be damaged. It’s important to take a look at where your people are located, also. This allows us to make sure they are safe at all times.

Planning is essential for every project, and we know how to do it best. If you’re looking for safe office junk removal in Sydney, look no further than Sydney City Rubbish. We’ve got the expertise, experience, and tools to get the job done right. And we always prioritise health and safety above all else.

Get in touch with us today for your Sydney office junk removal.

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