5 Moving Tips for When You End of Lease

So you’re finally moving out of your Sydney apartment are are completely overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done. From finding moving boxes to packing your belongings, there’s plenty to be stressed about. We’ve put together our 5 best moving tips, so you can end your lease on your own terms. Before you know it, you’ll be all moved out and the only thing you’ll need to worry about is staging your new home.

Get Rid of All Your Unwanted Belongings

Let’s start easy. When you move out, it’ll be one of the few opportunities to purge all the junk from your life. That snowboarding gear from the 80’s sitting in garage? Those leather pants that you never got around to wearing? Getting rid of all your unwanted belongings before you move, will make unpacking much easier, setting you up to live your life more minimally at your new property.


  • Donating to Charity: The most environmentally friendly way to handle your old belongings is to donate them to your local charity. Contact your local Vinnies for drop-off locations or better yet, request a free collection from Salvos.
  • Using a Sydney Rubbish Removal Service: Unfortunately, you won’t always be able to donate all your belongings. Some items will just be too old or too large for op-shops to handle. In cases like these, your only option might be to send them to a landfill. At Sydney City Rubbish, we offer Sydney’s best rubbish removal services for strata and tenants.

Find Moving Boxes

Before you can even start packing, you’ll need to answer the age old question, “Where do you find cardboard boxes for moving“? For free moving boxes, there are a few options. You can ask your local retailer or search on Gumtree. If you’re short on time, you can purchase moving boxes from your removalists and most storage companies. Lastly, if you prefer an environmentally friendly solution, you can always consider hiring reusable plastic containers that can be returned after your move.

Pack with A Purpose

Now for the fun part. Whether if it’s glassware or furniture, you’ll need a good packing strategy in place. You’ll want to pack the most difficult rooms first, working your way through the home. This usually means starting with the kitchen as it’ll have the most fragile items to contend with.


    • Prepare in advanced by getting all the equipment ready before you start. Visit your local hardware store and pick up the following items: packing tape, scissors, labels, markers, newspapers, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts.
    • Create an inventory list so you know exactly what’s been packed. When you arrive at your new property, check the list to find out if anything has gone missing.


  • Pack strategically by labelling and categorising boxes. Knowing what’s in each box will save you from frantically tearing everything apart.
  • Place heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on the top of your packing boxes.
  • Tape nuts and bolts to furniture, so you know exactly how to put them back together.


Perform a Bond Clean

When you first move into your property, you’ll have paid a bond as a security, likely 4 weeks of your rent. With your real estate agent judging the condition of your property and determining if you’ll receive a full bond refund, you’ll want to ensure that you perform a very thorough bond clean. Here’s are some of the most important things that will need be cleaned in your household before moving out.



  • Kitchen: Wash all kitchen counters and surfaces. Clean the oven, stovetop, and rangehood. Clean sink, handles and spout. Wipe down all cupboards and pantries.
  • Bathroom: Scrub all tiled surfaces. Clean bathtubs and basins, showers and glass screens. Disinfect the toilet.
  • Bedrooms: Vacuum, sweep, or mop all floors. Clean wardrobe mirrors, frame and tracks. Detail door frames, skirting boards, and light switches.


  • Exteriors: Don’t forget that there may be external areas such as balconies and garages that need to be addressed as well. If you have a garden, check with your agent if it needs to be maintained.


Most likely, your real estate agent will be able to provide a much more thorough end of lease cleaning checklist for you to work through. Be sure to schedule your final inspection a few days before the end of your rental agreement. This will give you some time to address any issues if they do come up.


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