Why Is It So Important to Hire a Professional Office Strip-Out Company?

An office strip-out will usually occur at the end of a commercial lease when a tenant needs to return the space to its original condition. Alternatively, a partial (or full) strip-out may be required if you’re planning to refurbish your office space or install a completely new office fit-out.

Whatever the reasons for your Sydney office strip-out, it’s important to hire a professional strip-out company to handle the project. There are plenty of reasons as to why you should do just that… and we’ll take a look at them below.

Health and safety

Health and safety must always come first in every office strip-out or demolition project. The nature of this kind of work means that there is a significant risk to the contractors undertaking the strip-out, as well as anyone in the vicinity.

For example, Safe Work Australia reported that back in 2013-2014 the construction industry consisted of 9% of the entire national workforce, but reported 12% of all work-related fatalities. The associated risks can include:

• Slip and fall injuries
• Lacerations
• Inhalation of chemicals
• Lifting injuries
• Damage to hearing
• Damage to vision.

These are the most common injuries, but there are many ways someone can be injured on a building site. Therefore, hiring professionals will put your mind at ease and greatly decrease the chances of any injuries.

At Sydney City Rubbish, our staff are highly trained individuals, having completed numerous modules on health and safety in the workplace. They have years of experience in the industry, meaning a much better grasp and understanding of health and safety practices. We’re well trained in the use of all tools and equipment, meaning the job is not only carried out safely, but efficiently.

Detailed planning

Every single office demolition or strip-out operation simply must be planned thoroughly. As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail… and this kind of project is no exception. At Sydney City Rubbish, we always take a detailed approach, carefully taking into account your space and deciding the best way to go about stripping out.

If you begin a demolition project without planning, you’ll probably be subjecting yourself to some, if not all, of the following problems:

• Stressed timelines
• Increased cost
• Increased risk of injury to workers
• Waste management problems.

On the flip side, planning properly will ensure that your project runs on time, doesn’t blow the budget, remains a safe space for workers, and enjoys sustainable waste management.

The right tools and equipment

There is a wide range of tools and equipment required to strip-out an office smoothly and safely. These tools include:

• Power saw
• Sledgehammer
• Hammer
• Ladders, for working at height
• Crowbar
• Wheelbarrow
• Pliers and snips.

Without the right tools, the job will be much more inefficient and time-consuming. A lack of professional equipment will also greatly increase the risk of injury on site. Unfortunately, some contractors don’t keep their equipment in good condition, or simply don’t have the tools for the job.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we maintain our equipment and tools to the highest standards, so that we can deliver the best de-fit possible. We also that to ensure the safety of our workers. For instance, a poor-quality saw with a dull blade will be much more likely to cause injury than a good saw with a sharper blade.

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is also a must. This equipment is an essential part of health and safety practice on a building site and includes:

• Eye protection or goggles
• Gloves
• Safety boots
• Heavy duty clothing
• Earmuffs
• Respirators
• Helmets.

There are many other items that are considered PPE, but might only be used in certain environments. For example, sunscreen is also considered PPE, but wouldn’t be used when working on a strip-out that doesn’t involve going outside.

Exceptional experience

Experience is the most valuable asset in a Sydney office strip-out contractor. It’s this experience that will usually determine how quickly the strip-out is completed, health and safety practices, and how well the contractor communicates with you throughout the process.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we have a wealth of experience in servicing clients all over Sydney. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about office demolition and the practices that make the whole operation run smoothly. That’s included big and small projects across the city, where we’ve adeptly applied our skills and knowledge to get the best result, time and time again.

It goes without saying that a demolition company with little to no experience will be much more likely to stumble at some point. They might take a more inefficient approach to the project, costing you time and money and putting people at risk. That simply isn’t good enough.

Quick results (but not rushed)

A professional strip-out company will ensure rapid results every time… but that doesn’t mean they will rush the project. It simply means they will be more efficient than a less experienced contractor, or your own inexperienced employees. At Sydney City Rubbish, we always keep our projects on time, so that you don’t have to adjust your schedule.

Keep within budget

Money is another concern when it comes to de-fitting an office space. If your contractor is working on an hourly basis, efficiency is a must. Hiring a strip-out company that doesn’t have the experience or the skills will literally cost you more, as they will take longer to finish the job. They may also put your space at risk; any damage can end up costing more in terms of repairs.

On the other hand, a truly professional Sydney office strip-out company will keep within budget. At Sydney City Rubbish, our experience means we know exactly how to maintain a tight operation, avoiding any nasty surprises.

Sustainable waste management

An office strip-out project will inevitably produce a large amount of waste. But it’s what you do with this waste that counts… because many of the materials don’t even have to be considered ‘waste’. Sustainability is critical when dealing with the plaster, timber, metal, plastics, and other pieces that are removed from your office.

We always prioritise the ‘three R’s’. That is, reduce, reuse and recycle. All of the waste that can be repurposed is done so, and the rest is taken to certified recycling facilities. That way, we ensure only the absolute minimal amount of waste finds its way into landfills. In the end, this sustainable Sydney rubbish removal means a much more positive impact on the environment.

To discuss your Sydney office strip-out or demolition, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish today. We’re ready to help.

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