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Do you have an office makegood obligation to fulfill?

Office makegoods with Sydney City Rubbish

At Sydney City Rubbish, we provide quality makegood services for commercial businesses. We understand just how important it is that your space is returned to its original condition at the end of your lease. Our team operates with care and efficiency when removing the existing components of your office or commercial space. 

We’ll help you fulfil your obligation as set out in your contract, in a timely manner.

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Why Sydney City Rubbish for your makegood?

Our team has many years of experience in removing existing office fitout components. We always take the utmost care to ensure that your space is returned to its original condition in a timely, safe manner. We’ll make sure that no damage is caused to the base structure, as can often happen when poor quality practices are used.

We’ve worked with a range of commercial businesses in Sydney to deliver exceptional makegood solutions. This includes everything from large corporations with state-of-the-art fitouts, to small businesses with a more basic, functional office fitout. No matter your space, we can provide an exceptional office makegood service.

Our office makegood services include:

  • Removal of floors and walls
  • Removal of ceilings
  • Removal of HVAC
  • Removal of relevant electrical and plumbing
  • Removal of light fixtures
  • Office rubbish removal
  • Office furniture removal
  • Concrete grinding.

We utilise high-quality equipment and tools, and our team boasts years of experience in performing strip outs and office makegoods. We’ll leverage cutting-edge equipment, skilled trades and workers, and tried and tested methods to deliver the best results.

Health and safety

Any type of construction or demolition work comes with a range of hazards. We always take the time to identify any hazards on site and nullify them where possible. Our strip out experts are trained in safe practices and are always equipped with quality PPE when on site. This ensures that everyone on site is as safe as possible, eliminating hazards and reducing risk at every turn.

How does an office makegood work?


The first step is the quoting process. When you first contact us, we’ll have a chat about your project, your makegood obligation, and your requirements. This includes the size of your office, the level of strip out required to fulfill your makegood obligations, and any other factors. Once we have all the required information, we can provide an accurate quote.

Strip out planning

Our team will arrive on site, and begin an assessment of your space. We’ll put together a plan for a safe, effective and efficient strip out. This process ensures your space is returned to its original condition in the most professional manner possible.

Makegood commences

We will begin the office makegood, removing the existing components of your office. Each makegood may be a little different – often, certain parts of the existing fitout are permitted to remain in place. We will ensure that the scope of work is clear.

Cleanup and rubbish removal

Once all the components have been removed from your office, we’ll ensure that all of the strip out and demolition waste is removed. What’s more, we always prioritise a sustainable outcome for construction waste where possible. We’ll leave your space sparkling clean, ready for the next stage or handover.

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