Industrial Makegood

Preparing to vacate your industrial facility? You may require an industrial makegood service.

Industrial makegoods with Sydney City Rubbish

An industrial makegood is often required at the end of a warehouse or factory lease. This entails removing some or all of your business-specific fitout, to return the space to its original condition. To complete these stripout works, you need the experts.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we provide quality industrial makegood services for businesses, structures, and facilities of all sizes. It’s essential that you are able to fulfill your contractual obligation and return the facility to its original condition when your lease is over. If you don’t, you may face financial penalties as per your lease agreement. 

We’re here to help you meet your obligations in the required timeframe.

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Why choose Sydney City Rubbish for your industrial makegood?

We’re experts in all things strip out, demolition, and makegood. We know exactly how to remove your existing warehouse fitout in a timely and safe manner and our strip out crews always operate safely. We’ll take care to remove only what should be removed, and will ensure that no damage is caused to the base structure during the operation.

Our industrial makegood services include:

  • Removal of floors and walls
  • Removal of ceilings
  • Removal of HVAC
  • Removal of relevant electrical and plumbing
  • Removal of light fixtures
  • Office rubbish removal
  • Removing mezzanine floors
  • Removing old machinery, equipment, and plant
  • Concrete grinding.

Our crew is equipped with the latest tools and machinery to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. We also utilise our rubbish removal trucks to transport demolition materials and strip out waste with ease. You’re always in good hands with Sydney City Rubbish.

Health and safety

All strip out and demolition work comes with a measure of risk. However, it’s essential that risks are identified, managed, and eliminated wherever possible. Our team always takes the time to identify hazards on site and takes measures to nullify these hazards. We’re always equipped with the latest protective equipment to minimise risk. You’re always in safe hands with Sydney City Rubbish.

How does an industrial makegood work?


The first step is the quoting process. When you get in touch with us, whether that’s by email or phone, we’ll discuss the project and your makegood obligations. We’ll run through all of the relevant details and then provide you with an accurate, competitive quote for the strip out works.

Strip out planning

Our team will arrive on-site, and conduct a thorough assessment of your warehouse, factory, or manufacturing facility. They’ll take the time to identify hazards, potential issues, and put together an effective plan for your makegood. This gives us the best chance of a smooth project without delays.

Makegood commences

We’ll start removing all of the designated components of your warehouse fitout, including any old machinery that has reached the end of its usable life. We’ll remove everything quickly yet safely, because you will likely have deadlines to meet. We’ll also triple-check that everything in the scope of work has been removed and tasks completed.

Cleanup and rubbish removal

Once the demolition and strip out process is complete, we’ll remove all of the leftover rubbish and materials, and load them into our trucks. We’ll deliver a comprehensive clean and ensure that the rubbish is dealt with in a sustainable manner wherever possible.

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