Retail Makegood

Are you vacating a store or retail space, but need to organise a retail makegood before handing the keys back?

Retail makegoods with Sydney City Rubbish

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re experts in providing high-quality retail makegood services for all types of commercial businesses that operate from a retail space. We know that fulfilling your makegood obligation and returning your retail space to its original condition is essential. Our team operates with care and efficiency, removing your original retail fitout quickly and safely.

We’ll help give you the best chance of recovering your bond and fulfilling your obligations as a tenant.

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Why choose Sydney City Rubbish?

At Sydney City Rubbish, our strip out and demolition team has many years of experience in removing shop fitouts. We work carefully and efficiently, to remove these existing components safely, and without causing any damage to the existing structure. We’ll only remove what needs to go, and will triple check the scope of work with you to ensure that the project is complete.

We work with retail businesses of all sizes, from department stores to small, bespoke shops. No matter the size or type of your retail space, we’re here to help. Our retail makegood services include:

  • Removal of floors and walls
  • Removal of ceilings
  • Removal of HVAC
  • Removal of relevant electrical and plumbing
  • Removal of light fixtures
  • Counter, storage, shelving removal
  • Rubbish removal
  • Furniture removal
  • Concrete grinding.

Our tradespeople are equipped with quality tools, equipment, and vehicles. These items allow us to get the job done to the highest standard. We’re also able to utilise these to create a swifter project, which is especially important if you’re on a tight deadline to vacate.

Health and safety

All strip out and demolition work sites present a range of risks and hazards to workers, as well as other people in the vicinity. This is exactly why we have developed a safe, thorough approach to every retail makegood project. Our makegood specialists will take every precaution to ensure that hazards are identified and eliminated right away. They are also equipped with quality personal protective equipment, to ensure that safety is our number one priority.

How does a retail makegood work?


The first step is the quoting process. When you first contact us, we’ll have a chat about your exising retail space and the details of your makegood obligation. You’ll be able to inform us of any quirks or factors that might affect the project, and we will record all of the important information. Once this is done, we’ll provide you with an accurate pricing estimate.

Strip out planning

When our team of stripout experts arrives on site they will conduct an assessment of your retail space and the existing fitout. Taking the time to create a plan promotes a safer worksite, and actually contributes to a swifter completion. This process ensures a better result for everyone on your retail makegood project.

Makegood commences

We’ll start removing all of the furniture, shelving, counters, storage units, and more from your shop. Once all of these elements have been removed, we’ll deal with electrical, plumbing, floors, ceilings, and walls, where required. We will remove everything carefully and comprehensively, taking our time to ensure that components are not damaged (if you plan to reuse or sell items).

Cleanup and rubbish removal

When we have completed the stripout process, we will remove all of the waste and clean your retail space thoroughly. We’ll then ensure that waste is dealt with in the most sustainable manner possible, so that your makegood is truly environmentally friendly.

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