Office junk removal

When it comes to office junk removal in Sydney, you can’t go wrong with Sydney City Rubbish. We have the staff and the equipment to ensure a smooth and successful job every time.  

Office junk removal

Maybe you’re moving offices, only to find there’s a large amount of old electronic equipment that you’ve stored away and forgotten about. Disposing of unneeded electronics incorrectly is an unwise and potentially hazardous move – since if they’re put into general landfill they can leak toxic materials into the soil and water. As such, when you need commercial rubbish removal you should only entrust this job to an experienced and respected company. Sydney City Rubbish is the ideal choice – and we know just how to dispose of all your waste materials, in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


Equally, you might just want a regular office rubbish removal service, to get rid of unwanted materials and junk that’s taking up valuable space in your office. We’ll happily arrange multiple trips, or set a schedule where we come every week, fortnight, or whatever is best for you. Why not get in touch to arrange something that suits your individual needs?

We don’t want to be a disruption to your staff, so we’ll ensure that we work quickly, efficiently, and at a time that’s convenient for you so that everything runs perfectly smoothly. We know that time is money in the business world – so why not let us take these things off your hands for you, and allow you to focus on more productive aspects of your business? It’s a no-brainer – choose Sydney City Rubbish any time you need an efficient and reliable service.

We carry out your commercial rubbish removal with the utmost professionalism, consideration, and attention to detail, and you can rest easy knowing we’ll clean up thoroughly after ourselves and leave your office spotless. We’ve built up a great reputation over the years, and we want that reputation to be maintained and even grow as we progress. That’s why customer satisfaction is key for us – and we’re confident you’ll want to keep using our services once you’ve seen how easy and convenient we make things!

If you want environmentally friendly office rubbish removal, then you can have peace of mind knowing we advocate sustainability, and will recycle anything we possibly can. When waste can’t be recycled, we make sure that it’s disposed of in the correct way, at licensed and accredited waste disposal facilities. This means you can get a spotless office, and maintain a totally clear conscience at the same time knowing you’re doing your bit to help!


Like the sound of our excellent office rubbish removal in Sydney, and the surrounding areas? We’re sure you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by how cost effective our services are. We charge a fixed rate per cubic metre; meaning you’ll get a fair price on every job we carry out, with no hidden fees and charges to worry about.

If it turns out your items take up less space than estimated, then we’ll still only charge for what we’re taking away – what could be fairer than that? If you’ve got a particularly large load, we’ll even throw in a discount, and if you find a better price somewhere else we can beat it by 5%!

What we take at Sydney City Rubbish

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